Validation of source code and UNITY standard / Price: 3.700 euros

Arkanoid The Legend II

Match 2 tiles of the same design and remove all pairs from the board!

  • Android friendly
  • Easy game
  • Fast speed
Game Engine - Unity
Programming Language - C#

Code elements
License Number: 1
Available versions: Windows(UWP)/ ANDROID / LINUX
Project build version: Android 7.1 and UP (minimum working version is 4.3)
Compilation IDE: Visual studio 2022
Number of lines: 1350
Lines of executable code: 22,881
Retention rate: 70-94%
Heredity: 7
Time to complete: 2480

Role model
Template Components: Yes (Unity Components)
Copywrites Assets: No (Change to any you want) except MicroDevC (Logos and Images)
File size: 6,073 GB
Unity build version: 2022.2
Release date: 8-01-2020

Code features
Threads: Support optimization for 2.5k and 4k tablets/phones
Complexity: Very simple code to run faster and easily than anyone
Code Document: 75% of all methods are explained.

Download the project details - PDF file

Unity project capabilities

Entry level and video
100 ++ Levels.
Smooth gameplay (60 fps)
Control system improvement (Support all controls)
E-Shop, product store (microtransactions).
Hardcore Mode after the game
Level editor for creating levels
Stats and achievements
High scores
Information / score
Jukebox (Music)
Storage System (With Storage / Loading Layers)
World Map to replay a level
To-do and Bugs simple TXT editor (For bugs)
All TXT fields use UNITY's new plugin (Text mesh Pro) for dynamic text size and display

Unity plugins
InControl 1.7.2 build 9332 (Control System)
Advance Inspector (Editor extra viewer)

Download sample - Source files

Game features

We recreated all of the game's graphics and basically the game from scratch
100+ Levels.
Smooth gameplay (60 fps)
Control system improvement (Support all controls)
E-Shop product store (microtransactions).
Hardcore Mode after the game
User level editor for creating unique levels by the user
Stats and achievements
High rating / score

Steps after buying any of the templates

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When your order is complete a file with (Validation Key) will be sent to you via (mail) , then press the (Validate) button to get the final key (Download Code) to download the template.

I am a freelance developer from Greece since 2010 and I love to creating games

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