Validation of source code and UNITY standard / Price: 2.200 euros

Bomblaster 3D

Throw fragmentation bombs and destroy boxes and enemies

  • Android friendly
  • Easy game
  • Fast speed
Game Engine - Unity
Programming Language - C#

Code elements
License Number: 1
Available versions: Windows(UWP)/ ANDROID / LINUX
Project build version: Android 7.1 and UP (minimum working version is 4.3)
Compilation IDE: Visual studio 2022
Number of lines: 361
Lines of executable code: 6,367
Retention rate: 75-82%
Heredity: 7
Time to complete: 1488

Role model
Template Components: Yes (Unity Components)
Copywrites Assets: No (Change to any you want) except MicroDevC (Logos and Images)
File size: 9,861 GB
Unity build version: 2022.2
Release date: 8-01-2018

Code features
Threads : Multi-threaded programming for all important SCRIPTS
Complexity: Very simple code to run faster and easily changed by anyone
Code Document: 80% all methods have an explanation (Doc)

Download the project details - PDF file

Unity project capabilities

Intro scene
Jukebox (Music System)
Game Over Scene
Smooth gameplay (60 fps)
Live Help (Game Tutorial)
3D Map (Unlock Levels)
Save Game (Save Load)
To-do and Bugs simple TXT editor (For bugs)
Quest Mode (Play game as Quest)
Classic game like mode (Bomberman)
Custom Game Items (PREFABS System)
Some UI (Designed from scratch)
Statistics and Records (3D board)
Many Levels / Bosses (Spider, Demon, Goblin)
Change to multiple languages (Scriptable Systems - Translations)
All TXT fields use TMP Text mesh (Text System for better size and view)

Unity plugins
DoTween v.1.2.420 (Tweens)
OBB Downloader (Google downloads large files)

Download sample - Source files

Game features

Full 3D graphics for hours of gaming fun
2 different game modes
Smooth gameplay (60 fps)
Classic mode has infinite levels to play as much as you want
System Save , save wherever you want
3D map system for better visualization
Lots of skills and curses to use
Command cheat mode (Console)
Many Bosses

Steps after purchasing any of the templates

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