Validation of source code and UNITY standard / Price: 4.800 euros

Mahjong Patterns

Match 2 tiles of the same pattern and remove all pairs from the board!

  • Android friendly
  • Easy game
  • Fast speed
Game Engine - Unity
Programming Language - C#

Code elements
License Number: 1
Available versions: Windows(UWP)/ ANDROID / LINUX
Project build version: Android 7.1 and UP (minimum working version is 4.3)
Compilation IDE: Visual studio 2022
Number of lines: 394
Lines of executable code: 6,747
Retention rate: 67-88%
Heredity: 6
Time to complete: 3224

Role model
Template Components: Yes (Unity Components)
Copywrites Assets: No (Change to any you want) except MicroDevC (Logos and Images)
File size: 16,317 GB
Unity build version: 2022.2.10F1
Release date: 21-05-2020

Code features
Complexity: Very simple code to perform faster and easy change by anyone
Code Document: 90% of all methods have (document) explanation.
Optimization: Windows 10 and 11 | Android 7.1 and UP | Ubuntu 16.0.4 and UP

Download the project details - PDF file

Unity project capabilities

Import logo
Help scene
Jukebox (Audio / Music)
Smooth gameplay (60 fps)
Decoration and Style (Different Mahjong Tiles)
Dynamic Season (Change themes dynamically for each season)
Reset moves (bucket)
Post process / Effects
Advertise other (Your Company Games) , separate scene
Support multiple controllers (Touch / Mouse etc.), new Unity system
To-do and Bugs simple TXT editor (For bugs )
EShop ready for (Google / Windows / Amazon etc. microtransactions) , sell products

Unity plugins
DoTween v.1.2.420 (Tweens)

Download sample - Source files

Game features

Over 150 levels for fun
Play offline (No internet needed)
3D graphics & decor and Shaders
Smooth gameplay (60 fps)
Achievements and star system
Write control moves backwards
E-Shop product store (microtransactions).
Play any level you want with different rules (Time - Blink - Quake - Magic - Puzzle)
Multi-language support in more than 14 languages (Translation)

Steps after purchasing any of the templates

Delivery method / link (mail), download directly from the website

When your order is complete a file with (Validation Key) will be sent to you via (mail) , then press the (Validate) button to get the final key (Download Code) to download the template.

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