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What is VIP Bytes ?

VIP Bytes is a system that allows anyone who registers to accept Unique Addons" which do not normally
exist in the corresponding game.

The main currency for product additions is virtual VIP Bytes and the correspondence
of the 1024 VIP Bytes entry equal to 10 Euros.

Also, all purchases are made with VIP Bytes or microtransactions, in all available
stores (Microsoft - Google - Amazon) with real money.

Apart from that, you can buy some services like transferring VIP Bytes to another game that
supports our service, and therefore spend your Bytes, buying from there what you want

With a New registration you get:
1024 VIP Bytes
3 months free Multiplayer
Unlock 1 month Save Ability
and 1 Addition of your choice

Games that support VIP Bytes are all from Mahjong Patterns and above or games with the VIP Bytes icon
If you buy an Extra VIP Bytes or create an account, the prices are cheaper than the regular price in euros

VIP Bytes
Please do not purchase any VIP Bytes packages as the system is under development. If you ever want to buy one of the packages, they will be automatically activated in your account, as soon as the system is ready via email

add some Bytes to your account

1024 VIP Bytes

Add 1024 Bytes to your account

512 VIP Bytes

Add 512 Bytes to your account

256 VIP Bytes

Add 256 Bytes to your account

10 VIP Bytes

Add 10 Bytes to your account

Coming soon

For more information about VIP Bytes send us an email and we will provide you with information
or a document about VIP Bytes

Send a stack of VIP Bytes to one or more games of your choice

Before moving to the Bytes menu, find your account ID (Store Account ID), see how many Bytes you have (Balance), fill out the (Send Form), and you're ready.

Stack of Bytes

Send a stack of VIP Bytes to one or more games of your choice

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